FBC Trenton - 1946
FBC Trenton in 1946

First Baptist Church of Trenton has a rich history. ln 1850 some Christians had a desire to establish a Missionary Baptist Church in Trenton, Tennessee. These Christians invited Dr. J. H. Eaton, who was then President of Union University, and the late Dr. Matthew Hillsman, who occupied the chair of Bible History at Union University, to hold a revival meeting. At the conclusion of the series of meetings, a Presbytery was formed. The 1900 history states that after the Presbytery had examined the applicants for organization of the church and had subscribed to the Articles of Faith, they were declared a regular constituted Church of Christ under the name of Baptist. The First Baptist Church thus, was organized on Friday, August 23,1850.

First Baptist Church has been very helpful in the organization of other churches in Gibson County. Some of these churches include West Side Baptist, Hickory Grove Baptist, Beech Grove Baptist, and Center Baptist. We realize that it’s not by our might or power but by the power of God’s Holy Spirit that we grow. Our vision is to reach Trenton and Gibson County with the message of God’s love.

Various Historical Documents

Click the links below to download PDF documents that contain a lot of history about our church. You’ll find some hand written and typed documents that list our pastors from the past, discuss our heritage tree, and even one groundbreaking account of how women served through the years.